3 poster presentation at ICRA 2018

I presented 3 posters at ICRA main conference, Workmate workshop and PhD forum.

The first presentation was “Emorl: Continuous acoustic emotion classification using deep reinforcement learning” at ICRA 2018.

I also presented “Learning spatial representation for safe human-robot collaboration in joint manual tasks” at the Workmate workshop at ICRA 2018.

And finally, I presented my work on “Language-modulated Actions for Safer Human-Robot Interaction using Deep Reinforcement Learning” as a poster in the ICRA 2018 Ph.D. forum.

Mohammad Ali Zamani
Mohammad Ali Zamani
Senior Machine Learning Applied Scientist

I am a Senior Machine Learning Applied Scientist at Hamburg Informatics Technology Center (HITeC) and a Research Associate at University of Hamburg. My research interests include Deep Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Cognitive Robotics and Natural Language Processing.